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When should you contact attorney O'Neil?

When should you contact attorney O'Neil?

Janet S. O'Neil has a strong background in family law. She encourages settlement between parties to prevent long and protracted litigation. If settlement cannot be reached, she will vigorously represent the interest of her client. She will guide her client through the issues of community and separate property, contributions, child support, spousal support, and many more legal concerns that arise during a divorce.

When there is a child custody dispute, the best interest of the child is paramount. It is essential to shield the child from the emotionally charged problems that exist between the parents. A temporary injunction should be in place that orders the parties not to discuss the divorce and child custody litigation in front of the child. Co-parenting classes are available and very useful in these situations. The least amount of disruption to the child and the child's schedule is important. A parent should never disrupt the child's life to prove a point with the other parent. Ms. O'Neil can help guide you through these big changes in your life in order to try to minimize emotional turmoil for everyone involved.

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